One of the things that parents tell us they love about TurtleDove is our programme of events. In a new series of blogs, we are speaking with the session leaders for each of our classes so that you can find out a little more about them. We start with Clare Dunne from Bambino Beats which begins a new term at TurtleDove on Wednesday 18th January.

Q1: How long have you run Bambino Beats?

Amy and I bought Bambino Beats from the previous owner in April 2016. However, I have worked with Bambino Beats since it began in 2014.

Q2: Is it a national franchise or your own concept? How did it come about?

It’s not a franchise, no. Amy and I own the company although it was started by another girl, Rachel. She loved the idea of a music group for little ones but with a twist, hence the retro tunes in-between the tracks and at baby sensory time! We also bring back the 1990’s when we have bubble time or parachute time! I introduced the baby sensory element in late 2014 after attending a sensory session with a friends baby. I thought it was a brilliant idea and also gave the mummies and daddies time to have a chat too!

Q3: Describe a typical Bambino Beats class?

We start our sessions by saying hello to all our friends. We then have lots of fun using our bells and maracas.  We bring out our hand mitts so we can count all the “little ducks” or “cheeky monkeys”, this use of the counting puppets encourages the children to count and the repetition allows them to learn basic number skills. Then it’s time to have a boogie. We jump up on our feet and follow simple instructions as we have a dance. For our baby classes, this is the point where we have some sensory time. Lots of toys and props with different textures, sounds and noises makes it a great experience for all!

We sing some more songs and then out pops our little finger puppet.  We have lots of different little friends, like our mouse, nippy crab and elephants, to name but a few.

We round off our classes with bubbles, parachute or pom poms and then say cheerio to all our friends.

Each class we have a Bambino Boogie award winner. This certificate goes to the best dancer of the week (we ensure that every child gets one throughout the term!) and all kids get a much-loved sticker to take home too!

Every class is different based around that week’s topic. We jet off into space, trek through the jungle and even dive under the sea.  As our classes are planned around the curriculum for excellence your little one will be learning without even knowing it! Bonus!

Q4: How long have you held classes at TurtleDove?

I have been running classes at TurtleDove for around a year and a half.

Q5: Why do you enjoy running classes at TurtleDove?

I love the cafe! The staff are so friendly and welcoming and I love the fact that my class can all stay for a yummy cake and cuppa afterwards. Mum and dads need the chance to sit back and relax once in a while!

Bambino Bears offer a taster session for £4 where parents/guardians can come along and try out the session. All classes gain free entry into TurtleDove Play Cafe.
All bookings are made via our website at