Spend. Swipe. Save.

Spend £1 to earn 10 loyalty points…

We live in an incredible city and we know that there are so many things that you could be doing with your family time. With that in mind, we have launched a loyalty card to say a huge thank you for spending your hard earned time and money with us.

Pick up a card the next time you’re in TurtleDove to start saving points.

Loyalty Card Savings

Earn 300 points to receive a free drink

Earn 1000 points to receive a free drink and cake

Earn 2000 points to receive a Monthly Pass

Earn 7,500 points to receive a Standard Birthday Party

Earn 10,000 points to receive an Annual Pass

Earn 15,000 points to receive an Exclusive Use Birthday Party

How it Works

Show your card whenever you spend money on food or drink in TurtleDove Play Cafe. You must show your card at the time of purchase for your points to be added

Your current points total will appear on your receipt after each purchase

Entry into the cafe is excluded from the Loyalty Card Scheme 

Cards must be collected from TurtleDove Play Cafe.

Start saving from the day you collect your card!